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Coat Hanger Labels

$3.00 - $6.00
Coat Hanger Labels

♡ Great for gifts, bridal parties and events
♡ Suitable for most wooden hangers
♡ Approx. 6-7cm in length
♡ Send message if wanting hanger included

♡ If no font is specified, Vanilla will be sent ♡ Label cannot be reused once applied ♡ Frequent handling can cause labels to become damaged and peel off ♡ Use code MULTIPLE when purchasing more than two labels to receive 20% off labels

At checkout please include for each label:
• Name / Colour / Font (if not listed)
• If purchasing a mix of colours (6 x white, 6 x black)
• E.g. Bride, Bridesmaid x 4 / Vanilla font